Allow me to introduce myself

I am a recent graduate of Mississippi State University. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication with a concentration in Public Relations. I am a member of PRSA and PRAM. I also recently got married (The day after my graduation to be exact. Why wait after five years of dating?). I have a dog named Melody. She holds a special place in my heart that no one can replace.

One word to describe me: adventurous. I love experiencing new things, going to different places, and meeting new people. Last summer, I went to Spain on a study abroad trip. I have a passion  for the Spanish language and am almost fluent in it. I’m currently trying to decide which country I should go to next. It’s a flip between Italy, Australia, or Argentina. I love and respect different cultures. The thought of working in International Relations excites me!

I always strive to be professional in everything I do. For example, I made my own business card when I was a junior in college and am currently making another due to my name change. I encourage others who are currently in college to do the same. I love to mentor young adults and will help them in any way I can. I am diligent, proactive, and ready for the challenge.

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