Knee Slapper: And I Thought I Was Unemployed

No, I’m not talking about the fact that I now have a husband to take care of and a house to clean. That’s a whole other story. I just had what Oprah would call an ‘Aha Moment.’ I’ve been sitting here thinking I’m unemployed when I in fact have a job. My current job is…. applying for jobs. The employer, which I have named Job Hunters Inc., has so many employees right now that it’s not even funny. A girl that I met at the PRCA ‘In a Word’ Conference this past March text me today and told me how bummed she was about no being able to find a job. I think the hardest part is applying for a job that has all the duties that you want to do and you have all the qualifications, but you are still not chosen. It’s the ‘putting all your eggs in one basket’ syndrome. It’s a very common syndrome. I’m trying to avoid it myself, but I kind of fell into that trap earlier this week. I woke up and realized that, although I know I’m qualified for the position, I have to continue to apply for other positions ‘just in case.’

The aforementioned girl also told me that she applied for EIGHTEEN jobs yesterday. I wish I had been keeping count with how many applications I have put in. I know it’s a lot.

I just finished applying for some just now. Yes, I applied for jobs from 9:00 p.m. until 4:00 a.m. That’s why I call this a job. I put in serious overtime. There is something unseen that is trying to make me feel defeated, but I refuse. I have a strategy, which I will share later, and I’m not going to stop until I’m done. My strategy is taking a while, but I know that it will all be worth it in the end. Once I finally get a REAL job, I will appreciate all the hard work I put into my tenure with Job Hunters Inc.

Are there any recent graduates out there currently employed with Job Hunters Inc. that has a story to share?

Growing Up and Getting Older

I decided to visit my family for Memorial weekend. I haven’t really spent time with them since I got married at the beginning of this month. Throughout the wedding planning process, my mother always joked about taking my room over and making it her own. I responded with, “Yeah right. You wouldn’t do that.”

A couple of days after we got married, I moved into my husband’s apartment that he’s had all three years of law school, which has one bedroom, one bath, and the kitchen and living room are one room. Because of lack of room, we’ve had to keep over half of my stuff and some of our wedding gifts at my parents house. When I arrived to my parent’s house yesterday, I went into my closet to look for a shirt. I didn’t find the shirt, but I did find some of my clothes missing and replaced with my mother’s clothes. I also saw a clothes rack with wheels in my room with her clothes on it. I then looked at my floor to find more of my things in boxes.

I’m not complaining. I know that all of this is just me growing up and starting a life with my new husband. I’m not trying to cling to my parents as a way for me to be able to keep my stuff there forever. But good grief! Could’t she wait just a little longer before she began the process nesting into what was once my space for eight years?!?! Can she at least pretend that she misses me?

Sigh. Well, I’m an adult I can take it. I’m actually embracing this new chapter in my life. I love seeing growth in my life. When I look at others that I have gone to school with and compare our lives, I don’t mean to sound prideful, but I’m darn proud of myself. I no longer live with my parents, which means that I am actually wanting to grow up. I graduated from college while most of them are still attending two year colleges and not showing ambition to make a change in their life. Most have not gone to college and have children, which is something that I’m not planning on for YEARS. I said all that to say that I’m happy that at the age of 21, I embrace responsibility. I have a ambition. I strive for change and I am pursuing my purpose.

So, turn the page with me as I start this new chapter in my life.

I’m a PRSA member now!

Tuesday, I was reading recent tweets of the special people that i follow, and a tweet from @PRSSANational that said:

“Hello #prssa recent graduations – @PRSA Associate Membership is the best way to launch your career! Learn why –

How could I ignore such an intriguing invitation? I immediately went to the website and registered and received a very nice discount. I immediately went to the ‘New Professional’ blog and I have almost read every post. It has already helped me. I especially loved the ones on “Intro to Sports PR’ and ‘Intro to International Relations.’ I then tweeted that I officially became a member and was welcomed with open-armed responses. So far this membership is paying off. If it’s doing that with just the little things, where else will it assist me? If you are a recent grad who received a degree in Public Relations, I advise that you take advantage of this opportunity. Why not? I know we all learned the history of PRSA and its benefits from at least one of our classes and at least two of our teachers. No need to wonder if you need to do it because you do. I’m sure your future career will thank you.